Since 2017

Sheri Idelman and Bri Buge started DynamiX in October of 2017. But the true origin story began years before that.

Sheri Idelman and Bri Buge started DynamiX in October of 2017. But the true origin story began years before that.


Let’s Workout!

In 2014, Bri was a group exercise instructor at 24 Hour Fitness in Northpark off of 120th and Blondo and Sheri were longtime members.

After 24 Hour Fitness was bought out by Genesis Health Clubs that same year, they noticed a degradation in quality, energy, and workout programming. Not long after that, Genesis abruptly announced the Northpark location was closing and being shifted to a new location in Westroads Mall.

Six months later, the corporate element at Genesis also decided to get rid of the workout curriculum they had come to love. Instead of the Les Mills style of group exercise (or “X”) that had become their hallmark and brand standard, they switched to MOSSA; a cheaper, less challenging, off-brand workout.

As Bri put it, “Everyone loves the “Thin Mints” Girl Scout cookies. Imagine trying to swap those out with the knock-off Grasshoppers and convince people they are getting the same quality. They aren’t and neither were we.”


The Vision

In 2016, Sheri and Bri were ready to make a move out of Westroads – and so were about 50 of their closest friends aka students and workout buddies! But where could they workout and continue their group exercise sessions?

After strongly considering a barn on Sheri’s property in northwest Omaha, they realized they needed a physical location closer to the original starting point of Northpark for the continued convenience of their workout partners. And, something more formal (but not stuffy) that was true to their original vision. And provided everything they themselves demanded in a group exercise fitness experience.


Local Women-Owned Fitness Club

In early 2017 they started construction on what is now the present day DynamiX facility. And the original workout group of roughly 50 people followed them. DynamiX was officially opened in October of 2017. Thanks to Sheri and Bri, DynamiX is truly one of the only locally, women-owned fitness clubs in the Midwest.

As time evolved, Sheri and Bri wanted to add more programming and styles of workouts to accommodate members of all fitness levels. Enter Kosama by DynamiX!

After migrating from its previous location on 144th and Maple, Kosama by DynamiX was launched in March of 2023. Kosama class programming is led by Nicole Wolfe who has led all sessions since 2014 and has been managing the club since 2015.

Where the Les Mills-based DynamiX workout is focused on cycling, body attack, yoga, and barbells, Kosama contains elements of TRX, kettlebells, and kickboxing.

All classes offered at DynamiX adhere to the same principles that led to its foundation; a great, intense workout free of judgment where everyone is welcome to feel comfortable.